Tamboora- India's Music Hub

The Musician's Social Network to- connect Independent Artists to Fans and Opportunity Providers, make Dynamic Artist Profile, Get Songs distributed to all Streaming Platforms, learn Music Theory and Instruments, buy Instruments and Accessories, listen to fresh Independent Music, Connect with Musicians/Fans/Event Managers, Promote Music, Participate in Talent Hunts and do much more.

Recognized as StartUp by Government of India

Tamboora is trying to solve the problem of Unemployment among Musicians.  Many talented musicians are not getting work because of the lack of resources like- funds, work opportunities, and consultation from experienced and successful musicians. Many talented musicians keep on looking for events and places to perform to earn money and recognition, but other less talented people steal these opportunities because of their links in the market and huge monetary investment. These talented musicians end up doing jobs that require skills other than music, and they get paid very fewer amounts and exploited by their employers. 

Tamboora helps talented musicians by connecting them with the opportunity providers and other successful musicians for consultation. The company keeps an eye on the talented musicians (through their profiles on the company's social media website, as well as through offline sources) and tries to pull suitable opportunities for them. On the other hand, the company keeps an eye on opportunity provides and make sure that they promote talented musicians and give suitable opportunities to them. If the company observes such opportunity providers which/who often promote less talented musicians for their own benefits, we remove them from our database and list them in the less preferred entities for the real talent.

We keep an eye on real talent and opportunity providers. We identify real talent and promote them. It seems unique because most of the talent companies are owned by nonmusicians OR unskilled musicians, and they just need the business. We have been in the market as musicians/performers and we empathize with the musicians in need. Our team is skilled enough to identify real talent.

We don't work to generate a huge amount of money, we rather choose to stay a trustworthy body on which musicians could rely and bank upon.

Registered under Companies Act, Government of India



TAMBOORA means Tanpura (a musical instrument).

The Company’s Main Objectives are:

· Engagement in amusement, entertainment, or recreation activities, performing arts.

· Experience new activities.

· Develop friendships.

· Improve social skills.

· Build self-esteem.

· Promote Music Education.

· Introduce career possibilities.

· Promote growth in identified abilities and interests.

· Increase cultural awareness.

· Introduce the arts.

· Develop leadership skills.

· Encourage physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.


Verified, Trusted, and Secured Website

The company generates or will generate revenue- By displaying advertisements on its website Tamboora.in, Youtube Channel and Mobile Apps; By charging subscriptions from the privileged members, for services provided on the company's website Tamboora.in such as being able to upload more songs and videos, access more features, etc; By selling musical instruments and accessories on the website; By providing online services such as music distribution on leading streaming platform, dedicated social media management for musicians, and consultation, and offline services, such as providing sound setup, stage, lights, artists and technicians for different events.