Tamboora Arts and Entertainment

is dedicated to providing performing and visual art education through its brands TAMBOORA and ALEKHYAM. Our services offer a variety of classes, courses, workshops, and programs that cover various aspects of art and music, including vocal and instrumental music, drawing, painting, designing, theory, techniques, history, and performance.

Our Services

We offer a variety of classes, courses, workshops, and programs that cover various aspects of art and music, including:

  • Vocal and instrumental Music,theory, techniques, and history, and performance
  • Drawing, painting, and designing, theory, techniques, and history

Music Education Program

In our music education program, students learn to sing and play a variety of instruments such as guitar, ukulele, piano, and drums. They may also study music theory, composition, and performance. Our goal is to help students develop their musical abilities and appreciation, as well as their discipline, teamwork, and communication skills.

Art Education Program

In our art education program, students may learn different art forms such as painting, sketching, drawing, and designing. They may also explore various styles and techniques used by different artists throughout history. Our goal is to help students develop their creativity, visual literacy, and critical thinking skills.

Our Belief

We cater to different age groups, skill levels, and interests, and believe that music and art education play a vital role in promoting cultural enrichment, personal growth, and social development among individuals of all backgrounds.

Professional Services

In addition to education, we also provide professional services that are crucial for the success of artists. Our professional services include:

  • Music production, publishing, and sound design
  • Artist management and music marketing
  • Sketching, painting, graphic design, and digital art
And, we have a growing social network platform for musicians, fans, opportunity providers, and other music services, with music-focused features to spread the personal, social, and economic value of music.

Join Us

At Tamboora Arts and Entertainment, we are committed to providing quality education and professional services to help artists develop their skills, build their careers, and reach wider audiences. Join us on our journey to promote the beauty and power of art and music.

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