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Shashank Saxena

Male. Lives in Delhi, India. Born on September 27, 1993. Is single.
by on October 17, 2020
Teentaal is one of the first Taals taught to students interested in Indian classical music. This is versatile rhythm and can be played during solos, as well as while accompanying other musicians.  It has 16 Maatras/beats subdivided into fours, that is, 4 Vibhaags of 4 Maatras each. Clapping arrangement is- ...
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by on October 17, 2020
"Ektal" is widely used in "Khayal Gayki" and "Rabindra Sangeet" (classical and semi-classical singing styles of India). It has 12 Matras/Beats, divided into 6 Vibhaag/Sections of two Matras each. Arrangement while clapping Ektal - ...
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by on July 9, 2020
During COVID-19 Lockdown, SmileFoundationIndia.org in association with AmaniProject.org continued to teach the children (virtually) to manage their emotions through Music-Making, acting, games and many more activities that are designed to revolve around Social Emotional Learning and Community Development. Amani Project has spent years developing programs specifically to prepare young people to be more resilient in difficult times. Smile Foundation partnered with Amani Project in 2018 and sinc...
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by on June 17, 2020
Self Introductory Phrases/ Lakshan Geet-  Pratham peher nishi gaaiye, Ga Ni ko kar samvaad, ...
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by on June 2, 2020
Did you ever imagine why do some sounds help you sleep better? The sound of the falling rain, the crash of the ocean waves, the wind in the trees – why do these sounds leave a magical effect on your mind and body? It is because your brains perceive these sound as harmonizing with your vibrations.. This gives you immense joy and heals the soul. Practically this is how nature cures through its music.   Many are of the view that that cosmos had generated itself from a musical sound that rever...
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