• Music Production: Music production is the process of creating original music tracks or albums from scratch. At Tamboora Arts and Entertainment, our music production service involves a range of activities, including composing, arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering music tracks to achieve the desired sound and quality. Our team of experienced music producers works closely with artists to bring their musical vision to life, providing guidance and support throughout the entire production process. Whether you're looking to record a single track or a full-length album, we have the expertise and resources to help you create the perfect sound for your music.
  • Music Publishing: Our Music Publishing service provides comprehensive management of copyrights and royalties associated with music compositions. Our team helps artists and songwriters protect their intellectual property by registering their work with copyright offices and collecting royalties from various sources such as music streaming services, radio stations, and television networks. We also promote their music to potential users and license their compositions for use in other media productions such as films, TV shows, and commercials. With our Music Publishing service, artists can focus on creating and performing their music while we take care of the legal and administrative aspects of their music career.
  • Sound Design: Sound design service involves creating and editing sound effects and other audio elements used in various media productions, such as films, video games, and commercials. Our team of sound designers uses state-of-the-art equipment and software to create custom sound effects that enhance the impact and realism of your media projects. Whether you need a simple sound effect or a complex audio environment, we can create it for you. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide them with high-quality, professional sound design services that meet their specific requirements.
  • Artist Management: Artist Management service involves representing and promoting musical artists to help them build their careers and reach wider audiences. Our Artist Management services include booking gigs, negotiating contracts, and promoting music releases. Our team works closely with the artists to understand their goals, vision, and musical style to create personalized strategies to enhance their careers. We also assist with brand building, marketing, and social media management to help artists gain visibility and recognition in the industry. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive management solution that enables artists to focus on their craft while we take care of the business aspects of their careers.
  • Music Marketing: Music Marketing is the process of promoting music releases, concerts, and other music-related events to potential audiences. Our Music Marketing service aims to help artists and musicians reach wider audiences and increase their fan base. We offer a variety of marketing services, including social media campaigns, email marketing, advertising, and other promotional activities tailored to the needs and goals of our clients. Our team of experts works closely with clients to develop effective marketing strategies that align with their musical style and target audience. We help clients create buzz and generate interest in their music, ultimately helping them achieve their career goals.
  • Sketching and Painting: Our Sketching and Painting service offers a wide range of options for those looking to commission an original artwork. Our professional artists can create custom sketches and paintings for various purposes, such as illustrations, portraits, landscapes, and abstract art. We use a variety of traditional and digital media to create unique and personalized pieces tailored to the client's requirements.

    Our team works closely with clients to understand their vision and bring their ideas to life through the medium of art. We prioritize communication and collaboration throughout the process to ensure the final result is exactly what the client had in mind.

    Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind portrait, a custom illustration for a book or publication, or a unique piece of art for your home or office, our Sketching and Painting service is here to bring your ideas to life.

  • Graphic Design: Our Graphic Design services offer high-quality design solutions for businesses and individuals. Our team of skilled designers can create visually appealing graphics and designs for a wide range of purposes, including branding, marketing materials, website design, and more. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and preferences, and create designs that effectively communicate their message to their target audience. Whether you need a new logo, business card, brochure, or website, our Graphic Design services can help you achieve your goals and make a lasting impression on your customers. We use the latest design software and techniques to ensure that all of our designs are of the highest quality and meet the specific needs of our clients. Contact us today to discuss your Graphic Design needs and how we can help you enhance your brand and image.
  • Digital Art: 

    Our digital art services are designed to help you unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life using the latest digital tools and techniques. Whether you're looking to create stunning digital paintings, illustrations, or animations, our team of experienced artists and designers can help you achieve your vision.

    We offer a range of digital art services, including digital painting, illustration, concept art, 2D and 3D animation, character design, and more. Our artists are skilled in a variety of software programs, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Blender, and can work with you to create custom artwork that meets your specific needs.

    With our digital art services, you can take advantage of the latest technology and techniques to create stunning artwork that is both beautiful and functional. Whether you're looking to create artwork for your business, website, or personal project, we can help you achieve your goals and bring your vision to life.