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Taal, It is a rhythmic structure used in music to measure musical time.Measurment in music can be done by clapping by our hands, waving our hands, counting beats on our fingers and also by playing percussion instruments eg:- Tabla, mridangam, Pkhawaj, Drums, dholak etc.


Our Samaveda proves that concept of Taal is ancient.Taal system of Northern india is called Hindustani and Taal system of Southern india is called Carnatic.The most common taal in the South Indian system is Adi Taal and In the North Indian system, the most common taal is Teen Taal.

Some of the taal used in indian classical music:- Dadra, Kherawa, Teen Taal, Ektaal, chautaal, Jhap Taal etc. 



Taal:- It is the rhythmic beat or musical metre which measures musical time .

Theka:- It is a  structure of taal which represents the complete formation of taal in proper manner with division (vibhaag), Clap(taali),  waves(khaali).

Sam:- The first Matra of Taal is called Sam.

Taali:- While representing taal, clapping of hands on following matra of taal is called as Taali.

Khaali:- Khaali means blank i.e  the blank part of taal which is showed by waving the hand is called as Khaali. It is  denoted by "0".

Maatra:- It is the unit of Taal.

Aavartan:- The circulatory repetition of taal i.e if a taal is read from sam  to sam then it is called as Aavartan.

Taal Chihan :-  Signs used in taal to represent  khaali, taali etc is called Taal chihan. Taal chihans are denoted by x, 0, 2, 3, 4 etc.


Some of the Taals mentioned above :- 


                       Taal:- Dadra 

Matra:- 6 

vibhaag:- 2(3-3) 

Taali:- 1(1st)

Khaali:- 1(4th)

** It is a taal of Tabla which is used in indian semiclassical music.


Dha Dhi Na | Dha Tu Na | Dha

x                    0                  x


                      Taal:- keherawa

Matra:- 8

vibhaag:- 2(4-4)


khaali:- 1(5th)

** It is a Taal of Tabla which is used in semiclassical or light indian classical music.


Dha ge na ti | Na ka Dhi Na | Dha

x                     0                        x



                       Taal:- Teen taal 

Matra:- 16

vibhaag:- 4(4-4)

Taali:- 3(1st,5th&13th)

khaali:- 1(9th) 

** It is a taal of tabla . It is one of the most common and important taal taught in Indian classical Music.

Theka :- 

Dha dhin dhin dha | Dha dhin dhin dha | 

x                                2

Dha tin tin ta | ta dhin dhin dha | Dha

0                       3                             x



                          Taal:- Ek taal 

Matra :- 12

Vibhaag :- 6(2-2)

Taali :- 4(1st, 5th, 9th& 11th)

Khaali :- 2(3rd & 7th)

** It is a Taal of Tabla . One of the most important taal used in Khayal Gaayan in indian classical music.

Theka :-

Dhin dhin |Dhage Tirkit |Tu Na |Katt Ta |
x                 0                     2         0            

Dhage Tirkit | Dhi Na | Dhin

3                     4              x


Supporting video :- Eg. of a bandish in Teen Taal .


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