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Buying your first Guitar?


  1. EASIEST OF ALL: Ask a trusted professional to buy it for you.

  2. REQUIRES TIME AND EFFORT: Go to market and explore different options (hold different guitars and see which of them is comfortable to hold, how good it sounds to you, how precisely it is manufactured, etc) and buy the one that makes the best sense to you. You can also take recommendations from the seller but generally, only established shops have sellers who could suggest perfect guitar for you.

  3. SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE ABOVE TWO OPTIONS: Order online on a professional's advice. You may choose a guitar (or shortlist a few) and send links to a professional for review before buying it.


Good guitars are generally above Rs4000 (if you buy below that range, you might end up buying a poorly manufactured guitar) Poorly manufactured guitars are cheap but they are hard to tune, don't stay in tune, don't sound good, very hard to play, break easily, not durable. Even if you manage to learn using that guitar, you would desperately want to buy a better guitar just after 3-4 months. If you are confident that you are going to learn Guitar no matter what, you can even purchase a mid ranged guitar (between Rs10,000-25,000)


1/2 or 34" for under 7 years 3/4 or 36" for 7 -10 years, Full size or 40" for 11+ years (above recommendations are not absolute. It is better to hold it before buying). Small sized guitars can be played by adults but large sized guitars could be hard to play for young children (GENERALLY, class 5 onwards, students can play full sized guitar)

There is nothing like THE BEST GUITAR for any particular category of students. The guitar you would own, will depend on your budget, options/availability on online stores, availability at offline stores, etc. No matter from where you are planning to buy, if you choose from the below mentioned brands, you would not be disappointed-

Trusted guitar brands (that have models under Rs10,000 as well)

  1. Yamaha

  2. Fender

  3. Ibanez

  4. Pluto

  5. Hertz

  6. Kadence

  7. Fiero

  8. Ashton

  9. Jasmine

  10. Havana

  11. Granaada

  12. Epiphone

  13. Cort

  14. Henrix

  15. Aria

  16. Vault

  17. Tanglewood

  18. EXL

  19. GB&A

  20. Kaps

  21. Krafter

Don't know why I am not mentioning brands like GIBSON, MARTIN, TAYLOR, etc for beginners

Here are some budget friendly guitar models listed randomly:

  • YAMAHA - FS80C, JR2, FSX80C, F310, FS100C, C40


  • Ibanez - MD39C

  • VAULT - EA20, EA40

  • PLUTO - HW34-101 Baby, HW39C


  • HAVANA - AAG34, AAG39

  • KADENCE - Acoustica 34, Frontier 34, A05

(If you live in Delhi-NCR, you can go to Daryaganj market. This market has many shops to explore. Naming some of them- Bhargavas, Biba, Sunny, Shaan... There are number of shops in Atta Market, Noida too, but they have limited brands and models. This market has a big brand store named OnStage. Few established shops/brands in Lajpat Nagar like Bhargavas, Amrit Music, Kadence, Furtados. West Patel Nagar has one good shop named Raj Musicals which has a variety of guitar and knowledgeable and helping sellers. In East Delhi, there are couple of shops in Laxmi Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Mayur Vihar. These shops have limited brands and models. Delhi Sound Store in Aurobindo market, South Delhi is one big store with a cool, friendly, and helping owner)


For any questions, feel free to email at hi@tamboora.in

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