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Faraz Ahmed
New Divide || By Linkin Park
Hero || By Enrique Iglesias
Comfortably Numb || Pink Floyd
Falling In Love || Elvis Presley
And I love Her || The Beatles
Breathe || Pink Floyd
With This Knife || Smile Empty Soul
Wake Me Up || Green Day
Time Of Your Life || Green Day
We must stand together || Nickelback
If Everyone Cared || Nickelback
What I've Done || Linkin Park
Every Night In My Dreams || Celine Dion
I Just Wanna Spend My Life || Clinton Cerejo
It's Raining Now || Dream Out Loud
Final Countdown || Europe
Words || Boyzone
While My Guitar || The Beatles
Yellow || Coldplay
In Case You Didn't Know || Brett Young
One Step Closer || Linkin Park
Hotel California || Eagles
Man Who Sold The World || Nirvana
Smells Like || Nirvana
Summer of 69 || Bryan Adams
Everything I Do || Bryan Adams
Crawling || Linkin Park
Numb || Linkin Park
Whiskey Whiskey || John Mayer
Colourblind || Darius Campbell
Addicted || Enrique Iglesias
Boulevard || Green Day
Holiday || Green Day
Lazarus || Porcupine Tree
Somebody's Me || Enrique Iglesias
One || U2
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