Tamboora - Social Network for Musicians

It is a dedicated and powerful social network platform offered by Tamboora Arts and Entertainment that serves as a growing community for musicians, fans, and music-related service providers. The platform offers music-focused features to promote the personal, social, and economic value of music. Through this platform, musicians can connect with other musicians, fans, and services providers, learn or teach music, and promote their music to a wider audience. Fans can discover new music and connect with their favorite artists, while opportunity providers can find the right musicians and services for their events. Other music-related service providers such as producers, labels, venues, studios, promoters, and managers can also promote their services through the platform.

What Can Be Done with Tamboora

  • Musicians can promote their music, learn and/or teach music, connect with other musicians and music lovers, and service and opportunity providers.
  • Music fans can connect with musicians, discover new music, and find gigs in their area.
  • Opportunity providers can find the right musicians and services for their events.
  • Other music service providers (such as producers, music labels, venues, studios, promoters, managers) can promote their services.

Feature Highlights for Web and Mobile Apps

  • Artists make dynamic artist profiles, connect to fans and opportunity providers.
  • Both artists and fans make connections, promote independent music, and support the independent music industry.
  • Search artists based on their instrument, genre, experience, and more, listen to them, collaborate with them.
  • Music education, access to video lessons and performances, blogs, courses, quizzes, polls, and forums.
  • Song distribution to all streaming platforms.
  • Access to the most honest talent hunts.
  • Marketplace for instruments and accessories.
  • Explore it yourself. It is ever-improving!

Tamboora's Existence

  • Musicians, especially in India, don’t have access to a dedicated, trustworthy, and free platform to connect with other musicians and music lovers, which prevents them from experiencing the personal, social, and economic benefits of music.
  • Much of the current commercial music, which lacks soulful elements, is being popularized, whereas, real music that heals as good as nature does, is fading away.
  • Most of the time, musicians have to rely totally on middlemen/event organizers/music companies that work for their own growth, and not for the welfare of musicians.
  • Monetary or professional growth opportunities for the musicians in India are nearly non-existent or dominated by a handful of music labels. Less monetary opportunities force musicians to work as non-musicians or to work at very low prices.
  • Our list can go on! Do you validate the abovementioned problems? Do you think anything about it? Drop an email to us after reading further ([email protected])


A dedicated, trustworthy, and free platform for musicians, and music lovers where they can connect with each other, learn, share, and be heard. We are talking about Tamboora and its Mission!
  • Simplify and promote connections between musicians, music lovers, and opportunity providers
  • Aid friendships and improve social skills
  • Introduce, teach, and promote music
  • Promote Music Education and Research.
  • Promote growth in identified music abilities and interests
  • Introduce career possibilities.
  • Build/enhance self-esteem, leadership skills, cultural awareness of musicians, and encourage physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.
  • Develop and unveil new amusement, entertainment, and recreation activities.
  • Build a supportive and music-intensive environment for musicians and music lovers.

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