Rohit Gautam
on January 23, 2021 189 views

Here, in the video, I am practicing a bandish (chota khayal) in Raga Hameer. The Bandish performed above is in drut  teen taal i.e fast teen taal tempo.

Raga "Hameer" is a hindustani classical raga, which belongs to thaat "kalyan", which is active at night (9:00pm to 12:00am) and mailnly sung in upper half of an octave, its jati is "shaadav sampooran" as pancham i.e "Pa" is not taken is aaroh and all swaras (notes) are taken in avroh.

Raga  Hameer's vadi swar is dhaivat i.e "dha" and samvadi swar is gandhar i.e "ga". 

Ragas which are similar to raga Hameer :- Kedar, Gaud Sarang, kamod, Chhayanat

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