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on March 11, 2021 210 views

"Nada" in Sanskrit means sound or tone. Nada Yoga is based on the concept that the entire universe is made up of sounds called "Nadas". The ancient indian system devides Nada into two types 1.Ahata :- external sounds perceived by human body/ears/mind.
2.Anahat :- internal sounds in the human body perceived by the Heart Chakra.

Nada yoga translated as sound maditation is a path to unify with the cosmos.

Indian classical music system consists of refined sounds. Practicing these sounds with devotion can help one relieve mental stress, learn to focus, connect with self and the universe, and attain Moksha. Some of the examples of Nada Yogis are Kabir, Thyagaraj, Meera, Namdev.

Even in the busy schedules these days, it is recommended that everyone should practice Indian classical Music, or any form of music with same relevance, with full involvement, for at least an hour a day.

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