Tamboora Virtual Drum Kits online

Tamboora gives you the most functional and easy to use Virtual Drum Kits. You can choose from 396 drum sound samples to create, save, and edit your drum pads. You can record them as audio files. You may use any online audio converter to convert .webm files to .mp3 or .wav files and use them in your original music.

Recommended: Click on the MAXIMIZE button at the top right of this app to turn on full-screen mode.

To use this virtual drums app, drag and drop any drum sound samples from the sound sample list box to the pad buttons. You can use any keys on the keyboard to map the sound sample or simply just touch the pad buttons.


  • 396 drum sound samples
  • Play along with songs via the Sound player
  • Record your beats using Sound recorder
  • Map to keyboard
  • Save and load configuration

Click on Virtual Drums by tamboora to open the app